We are on Kickstarter!

We are on Kickstarter!

Hi everyone!

Megamagic is now live on Kickstarter:


These first days are essential, since we need to create some momentum, and you’re the ones that are making that possible!

Now there’s no going back! Alea iacta est! So we have a month ahead in which we will do our best to get to our main goal… and beyond.

We have prepared all kind of evil plans to assure that Megamagic makes enough noise. But any help is welcomed! Share it on social media, tell your friends, steal your mother’s purse to pledge more money!

So now we’re juggling with the game’s production and the Kickstarter’s management. You can bet it’s a tough sport! We want to thank all the marvelous people that have helped us so far! You’re our fuel!

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