Gamelab Barcelona 2016 & Burger Developer Awards!

Megamagic: Gamelab Barcelona 2016 & Burger Developer Awards!

Hi everyone!

Next week is going to be a busy one for the studio… and we are looking forward for it!

First of all, we will be attending the Gamelab. It’s an important gaming event located in our hometown Barcelona. We will have a stand in which you will be able to play our latest game “Megamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age”. Part of the team of BeautiFun Games will be there too so, if you’re in Gamelab, come and say hi! :)

This year you can vote our game for the Audience Award. Give us a hand! It won’t take you more than one minute and you will help us spreading the word of Megamagic! Here you can vote us:


In case you missed it, we are big fans of Gamelab. Back in 2013 we won the Best Game Design Award with Nihilumbra at Gamelab. In addition, between the many events that will take place next week in Barcelona at Gamelab, we are looking forward for Indie Burger Developer. At BeautiFun Games we love it and this year we are honoured to participate with Megamagic, at the “We want a sequel” category. Can’t wait!

Stay tuned,
BeautiFun Games Team.

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