Megamagic GAME GIVEAWAY of the Day!

Megamagic GAME GIVEAWAY of the Day!

Gamers of the world, unite! Megamagic GIVEAWAY is here.

We know you indiegame lovers are always seeking for unexpected deals of your soon-to-be favourite videogames. Open your eyes and get your hands on the keyboard, fast, because this time it won’t last too long.


We have teamed up with Game Giveaway of the Day to make a MASSIVE GIVEAWAY during these pre-summer days. You only have to go to their site and choose one of the ways to enter the giveaway. As more ways you choose, more possibilities to win a copy of our retro-eighties action-RPGMegamagic: Wizards of the Neon Age“.


In case you don’t like giveaways (who doesn’t like giveaways?!), you can always go to, where they have Megamagic 50% OFF during this week!

Good luck,
- BeautiFun Games Team.

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